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by RozaLita MH on
Acne Scars

"Tried the emu oil on my 14 yr old who is prone to acne.After just about 3 days of application,the acne & spots somehow shrank!I could see the pores on her face getting smaller too. I personally use the emu moisturizer before applying make up topped with the emu oil at night & the feeling of my skin being so supple & not oily is just amazing! I have to thank the super friendly staff who attended to my PM on FB for her great recommendations. Loving the products!!Yay!"

by Eva Wanda on
Chickenpox Scars

"By the way i would like to say thank you so much to NS for introducing Emu Oil here in FB. I hv been using it less than a month. My son’s chicken pox scars has getting better. Besides, i’m using it too for my face and neck. Guess what? Unbelievable! Skin tags getting smaller. Almost gone. Pimples that came out, didn’t get the chance to ‘grow’. Old acne scars disappeared. Scratches from cat’s bites, healed. No regret though i bought 250ml for trial. I’ve been using this everyday before I go to bed. It helps to reduce my pigmentation problem too. Thank you so much."

by Acne Scars on
Adrielle Heng

Was intro-ed into trying emu oil for my acne scars and it works like magic ! Within a week I can already see improvement to my acne scars. Would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.

by Ashlee on
Liquid Gold!!!!!!

Liquid Gold!!!!!!
I’m a first time mom and pregnancy was a nightmare, my skin broke out in the worst cystic acne and I have been left with deep scars etc, I have been using emu oil twice a day for the past two weeks and I can already see a huge difference, not only with the scaring but with the wrinkles too, I am so grateful for this product, it has made a huge difference for me and my self-confidence

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