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by Qoo10 Review on

After taking for weeks, it works for me as I do have pains in joints at time. After taking it for weeks, I feel better and the pain actually gone.

by Jun Jun on

“I had pain around my ankle for the past week. I then decided to try a new product, EMU OIL LINIMENT. It’s superb, after applying just once I can feel the some pain is relieved. Will continue to use this product; Emu Oil ???? Thank you!”

by Anonymous on

Pure emu oil helps with my “heavy legs” reducing the pain in muscles and ankles. Used daily, and smoother skin comes as bonus for over 60 Y O.
I first came across the product, when bought small aluminium bottle for I think excessive price from Pharmacy, but it did wanders. I did track down manufacturer and placed an order for 1 litre bottle, as others in my household wanted to share it too.

by Catherine Broadley on
Very pleased with the product

Very pleased with the product
Relieves my arthritic pains and when my nephew who suffered from hip joint pain applied the Pure Emu Oil, it gave him great relief and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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