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by Qoo10 Review on Blank Business Name

Although a bit pricey, but it's really good. My Nth time purchasing. Steroid cream doesn't even help but this emu oil after about a month healed my eczema wound.

by Qoo10 Review on Blank Business Name

Exceptionally great product. Help cure so many of my skin issues from eczema to hives to THIRD purchase

by Norhayati Maziland on Blank Business Name

I chanced upon emu tracts products online in my search for treatment for eczema. I bought emu oil and moisturiser from Plaza Singapura. After 2 days of application of emu oil on my eczema (legs), I noticed the redness subsided and the itchiness was gone. I have yet to try the moisturiser-it certainly smells great! I plan to let my husband and son try the emu oil on their scalp. Both of them have psoriasis and we have spent a lot of money on dermatologist with no lasting results! I sincerely hope emu oil is the solution to their problem. Thanks a lot emu tracts!!!

by Qoo10 Review on Blank Business Name

My son has been taking it for a few weeks. Eczema much reduced. Emu capsules and oil works well together

by Qoo10 review on Blank Business Name

My son has been taking it for a few weeks and eczema much reduced... Emu Oil capsules n oil works well together .

by Qoo10 review on Blank Business Name

Been using this whenever my baby has flares of rashes, even when it’s all over the body. Great product for relieving rashes

by Qoo10 Review on Blank Business Name

Purchased couple of times in bulks. Last purchase during NDP promotion. Buy again since last bottle finishing. Daughter been using it since May 2017. Lots of improvements on her eczema condition. Big investment, but the result is satisfying.

by Qoo10 Review on Blank Business Name
Emu Oil Capsules

Improves my son's eczema significantly...reduces the urge to scratching so less spread of eczema. Much thanks Emu Tracks. Must keep eating Emu Oil Capsules for prevention.

by Qoo10 Review on Blank Business Name

Awesome service! Grace was patient to provide me all advice on my condition! Trying out the complete Emu Tracks range now and hope it help with my face eczema...

by Qoo10 Review on Blank Business Name

My review after about 2 weeks trial.  Saw improvement on my boy's ezcema.  So glad to see redness reduced significantly.  Hope it will continue to heal n improve his skin condition. As for me i tried on my face. Stubborn lines on my nose bridge has disappeared.  Skin has brightened too.

by Qoo10 Review on Blank Business Name

Using Emu Oil for 2 months+. Tried many creams n horse oil but results not as good as this. Used to have eczema on hands and the itch is terrible. I was using steroid cream almost daily to curb the itch. After using emu oil every morning and night, the itch is not totally gone but now I only need to use steroid cream like once a week or fortnightly at most now.

by Eunice Chia-Lim on Blank Business Name

Great products that actually helps my husband with his skin condition. Also prompt and polite responses.

by Masse Della on Blank Business Name

The emu oil has helped reduce the redness on my baby's body from his ezcema. He scratched less and it definitely ease my mind to see him much comfortable now. Thank you!

by Lin KF on Blank Business Name
Eczema on skin

I gave it a try on bio active emu oil after seeing so many good reviews to it , nothing will be as bad as now since my face down wz outbreak of acnes n rashes after using e xxxxxfree no sebum mineral powder.Im on at least 6mths antibiotics, is really a nightmare that e no sebum mineral powder had done to my face ,left wz reddish scar ,on n off prone wz big acne .Bio active emu oil really work like miracle, it's calm e rashes ,slowly heal e acne n lighten e redness scar,is so much better now ,will continue to use it ,hope at least e redness scar n acne will be gone .Thanks to bio active emu oil ,will recommend to friend n those who suffer like me can give it a try ,it's really works .

by Hanisah Mohamed Husin on Blank Business Name
Eczema on skin

My kid suffered Eczema since Feb2017, wrongly diagonosed as HFMD. Doc kept giving steroid cream and it worries me lots as she is only 2years old, further there is no family history of Eczema. Steroid does not even help in reducing eczema and more watery popped out.Came across Emu Oil in June2017 at a toy shop, and tried on it for 1month. It works wonders, thanks to Neighbour recommendation. Huge difference, as the Eczema did not spread like other products purchased. My girl even offered to apply the oil on herself as she said it's not stinging her skin.Teachers even surprised that the pop-up subsided.Am super satisfied with the results, and am purchasing more varieties of Emu products ie. Shampoo for her to try out.Thank you Nature Sanctuary, for making 'Mummy' less anxious and upset.

by Evon Low on Blank Business Name
Eczema on skin

Read about the good review of Bio-Active Emu Oil and decided to purchase 1 bottle for my daughter's Eczema (20th Mar). Within 1 week of application (3times a day), we can see good improvements on the skin especially behind the knee where Eczema flares up often. This is the only product which I can see the result as compared to other moisturizers for eczema. Bought another bottle on 5th Apr so that my daughter can bring to school and apply it after bath. Will definitely continue to use it!

by Shi Ying on Blank Business Name
Eczema on skin

Bought the 250ml bio active emu oil and I find that it does moisturise my very dry skin and ease the itch. Since it gets absorb quickly, this doesn't leave you feeling greasy as compared to other oil products I've tried. As for eczema, so far no adverse reaction(which is a good thing!) but still need more time to see how it works on eczema skin.

by Xinning Loke on Blank Business Name
Eczema on skin

I suffered from bad eczema and i tried many different products but none of them seemed to work. I came across Emu oil and decided to just give it a shot. Within a week my eczema begin to heal and dark marks started to lighten too. Very happy with my results.

by Swee Lee on Blank Business Name
Eczema on skin

I have been using emu oils for the past 3 years. It helped to soothe rashes an ezcema effectively. Excellent for very dry skin. Recently i used it to soothe my mum's facial nerve pains. It was effective in relievng her pain agony! Thank you. I have recommended this product to my friends. I used Pure Emu Oil 250ml.

by Joey Chen on Blank Business Name
Eczema on skin

Bought a small bottle to try , it helps to reduce my eczema . After giving birth to my 2nd , my eczema get worst . Specially on my inner thigh . So i bought another big bottle . Will apply it for long term n will share with my kiddos which have mild eczema . Great product , highly recommended.

by Jerome Lim on Blank Business Name
Eczema on skin

Have been suffering from eczema since childhood. Tried "Emu Tracks Pure Emu Oil" and found it nourishing at first application. It is nothing like the many eczema moisturisers and topical creams I have tried before. Glad to have Nature Sanctuary import this product into Singapore. Highly recommended!

by Janice Cheow on Blank Business Name
Eczema on foot

Recently bought the pure emu oil for my Husband's recurring eczema condition on his foot. Seen visible improvement & less itch after 5 days of usage (whereas my husband been seeing several GP & itchness only subdued by oral). Highly recommended!

by Liau Doris on Blank Business Name
Eczema on Hands

Came across Emu oil on the website and was very eager to try it on my son whose eczema flares up on both hands esp. his elbows and both legs esp. behind his knees. Purchased the Bio-Active Emu Oil and liquid wash on 6 June. After applying the Emu Oil and using the liquid wash for just a few days, I can see results on him. His skin on those areas are not so rough and thick now. My son also told me that he don't feel so itchy now. I am so glad that I have found a great and natural product to treat his skin condition. Greatly recommended!

by Hui Wang on Blank Business Name
Eczema on Hands

I have seen dermatologist and spend hundreds of dollars. But my hand contact dermatitis eczema did not get better. Using this for 3 weeks has reduced new breakouts, contain and heal 65 percentage of the hand's eczema. Buying this to keep in office so that I need not bring the 100 ml to and fro.

by Olivia Tan on Blank Business Name
Baby Eczema

“My granddaughter, who is now 10th month old, had eczema during birth which is on her left side of her neck and her leg as well . Doctors said that it will come and and there is nothing can be done. I started to use emu oil on her for the pass few months and I could see the results on her. It has improved as her skin is nice now.”

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