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by Patricia Ng on

Hi there! I chanced upon Emu Oil from a FB posting and thought of giving it a try on my scalp. I have a perpetual dandruff problem since young and it does not seem to go away even after applying numerous medication/shampoo. After applying Emu Oil on my scalp, I no longer experience those big lumpy flakes of skin. My scalp is more manageable though it still gets dry easily and small flakes still appear.

Seeing some improvements, I am now trying out the Emu Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and hopefully, I can eliminate this perplexing worry once and for all and be dandruff-free! Thanks.

by JJ on

Hi, I came to know about Emu Oil through FB. A few years back, I have rashes on the front of my neck which was very itchy. I bought my first bottle and it helped within a day. Now my husband is using it for his hands and legs. I also recommend it to my friend. Thank you

by Qoo10 Reviewer on

The emu oil is an excellent product - using it to moisturize, lighten scar, reduce itch and skin sensitivity. Superb and highly recommended. Have purchase multiple times for myself and friends.

by Qoo10 Reviewer on

It really helps to reduce the redness and moisturises my skin. Itch greatly reduced. Have recommended this to many friends and received great feedback.

by Qoo10 Review on

I had been using this product for a long time.  It's very moisturizing and can lighten insect bite scar.  Can also ease cold sore and  moisture dry skin.  Light fragrant and easily absorbs into skin.

by Qoo10 Review on

Purchased many times, as this works wonder for my mum and my family. Very effective and helps a lot on problem skin.  My mum is very happy with this product and has been using for more than a year. She continued using this product although there is no more redness and the itchiness has reduced a lot.  Thank you to Seller for this EMU Oil product.

by Qoo10 Review on

EMU oil works wonders on my itchy skin.i have bad eczema on my feet and after 2days of using the itching have stopped and skinis smoother. Hope the scars will clear soon.

by WM Lwm on
Eczema & Steroid Medications

“I bought the emu oil for my eczema. It is much better than the moisturizer I have used before. The oil doesn’t stick on my skin and feels natural to it. It also relieves the dryness & itchiness.”

by Aida Elias on
Eczema & Steroid Medications

“Have used various products to reduce itchiness of eczema including steroid.. When I tried Emu oil, the itchiness lessen and now the eczema have lessen too.. Thanks Emu oil..will always use it when eczema attack.”

by 지나여자 on
Eczema & Steroid Medications

“Bought liquid hand and body wash. I feel so good after using it. It helps in soothing itch and not feeling dry. Help in ease my eczema problem.”

by Chong Chee Way on
Eczema & Steroid Medications

“Had eczema for 1+ years and tried lots of medicines…….most of them have steroid! When I saw the emu oil in net I thought of give it a try………there is it..great effect!Love the emu oil …it smooth the skin n ease the itch. Thanks Nature Sanctuary.”

by Jenn Toh on
Leg, Arm Eczema

“I’ve had eczema since I was a kid. Every once in a while I encountered outbreaks/ rashes irritation of some sort and my arms and legs will become red and very itchy. After using emu oil for a week, the itchiness miraculously stopped and then redness toned down… You have no idea how happy i am in using the product!”

by Lee Wee Cheng on
Hands, Neck Eczema

“I have Eczema condition and it usually appears on my neck and hands. Application of prescribed cream by doc does not help as it will always come back. I applied emu oil on my hand which was red and itchy. I did not apply consistently but just after 4 applications, the redness and itchiness is gone! I m impressed and will continue to use.”

by Sharon Tan on
Hands, Neck Eczema

“I was diagnosed with Eczema after the birth of my 2nd child. I have severe itching problem especially on my hands. Other than avoiding using harsh soaps, I use Emu Tracks Bio-Active Pure Emu Oil to moisturize my skin after bath and whenever it feels dry, itchy and irritated. The oil is absorbed into the skin within few minutes of application and there is no oily residue on my skin. Not only did the oil provides moisture for the skin, it also effectively aids in the recovery of the wounds (cracked skin). I had never stop using Emu Tracks Bio-Active Pure Emu Oil since then and I carry a small bottle in my bag wherever I go.”

by Anna Kaede on

First time trying out both the Emu Tracks bio-active emu oil and the emu oil moisturiser. I like the subtle illumination of the skin after applying both and it also removes the itchyness of my skin. The emu oil does not seem very oily, its just nice. While the emu oil moisturiser smells aromatic. Its great how my whole family can use both products so don’t see many moisturiser bottles lying around, and its pretty fuss-free 

by Kim Ker on

I like the emu oil. Is good for moisturising the skin and helping in itchiness. It also prevent the skin frm getting dry. This is my second time ordering the emu oil. Satisfied with the product!

by Wendy on
Finally something that works

Finally something that works
I have suffered from very red and flaking skin for two years. I have tried so many moisturisers but nothing worked for longer than a couple of weeks.
I have now been using EMU OIL for 4 weeks now and within three days the redness disappeared and within two weeks my face stopped flaking. Thanks for a wonderful product. I just wish I found it earlier!

by Terry on
Hair regrowth and a great deal of skin suppleness and smoothness

Hair regrowth and a great deal of skin suppleness and smoothness
I purchased this oil from a health food shop after having read some of the skin care benefits of it and did not use it for a couple of weeks until one night when I remembered I had it a week or so ago on our little Jack Russell who was rapidly losing hair and was itching and licking constantly, suffering from a bad case of mites. He has had lots of injections from the vet, antibiotics, creams etc. and it has all caused him a lot of distress over this past year, well after much researching we changed his diet to mostly raw foods, included avocado oil, cod liver oil, apple cider vinegar and a healthy skin powder I made up with hemp protein and then I remembered the emu oil, (I had previously been applying grapeseed oil for quick absorbency and to relieve his skin condition as much as possible, which did help to soften and moisturize his skin). Now, after only a week and a few days of using the emu oil, we are seeing hair re-growth and a great deal of skin suppleness & smoothness, far less itching and licking and much skin healing. I am quite pleasantly amazed that his hair is now re-growing (we thought he had lost it completely). So it appears, at present, we have found the solution with a raw diet and oils, now I have seen the results for myself I will continue with this treatment and have purchased the ‘vet oil’ from this site and pet shampoo and also more emu oil for us humans along with shampoo & conditioner, I am now also beginning to use it on my face but would have run out (using it on our dog) soon so have ordered more. I am very happy with the results so far with our little Jack Russell (and so is he).

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