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by Christina Chu on
Emu Oil Balm

"First time trying out Emu Oil Balm for my knee joint pain. Liked the fragrance of eucalyptus and its non greasy texture. But most importantly it relieves the soreness of the knee joints.
I have also applied it to my ankles and the pain had lessen. Would definitely recommend this product to my friends as many are having the same issues."

by Qoo10 Reviewer on

"Really good for general pain relief and management. Even effective to use after knee operation to relief pain. Been recommending to friends and received positive feedback."

by Qoo10 Reviewer on

Taking Emu Oil Capsules seems to help reduce the pain in my hip joints and improve my general skin condition.

by Del Hamid on

I have came across your emu oil by chance at Parkway Parade last nite. The nearby pharmacy not carrying the brand I had used. I’m taking up belly dance and had sustained my old knee injury and need this badly. I love the texture which a 100% oil would look and feel. The price is awesome, about 70% cheaper than the one I used! I have applied twice on my knees and seems promising.

by Melita Oliveiro on
Knee Pain Treatment

“Had knee joints and pains under my heels. Tried Bio- Active Emu Oil to massage everyday. It gradually lessen the pain, and now when I wake up in the morning, I am able to stand and walk immediately. Before I had to wait for at least 5-7 mins. Thanks to Bio -Active Emu Oil."

by PK Goh on
Knee Pain Treatment

“Bought a bottle of emu oil , help in my knee cap problem, ease the pain especially at night after rubbing and leave it at night.”

by Alexis Kam on
Knee Pain Treatment

“… I had a bad shoulder strain from my gym workout last evening and I decided to rub the liniment oil on it. And to my surprise, the strain is gone this morning and I am left with just normal muscle aches. More to that, I woke up with a stiff right knee and seeing the effect of the liniment on my shoulder, I decided to apply my the stiff knee and after about 3 mins of massage, the stiffness is gone! The Emu Oil Liniment is so amazing and I am going to make it my post workout massage oil! Thank you for bringing in such good product!"

by Lee Shu Ling on
Knee Pain Treatment

“Both parents have very dry skin that gets itchy and red for no apparent reason at times. I bought the plain emu oil for them when i first heard of emu oil and it works well for them. Redness that last for days amazingly got visible improvement after only one application. Subsequently I bought the liniment for mum’s knee pain. After one application, knee feels less “tight” than before. A wonderful range of products that i have been recommending to friends and colleagues. I will definitely continue to buy from Emu Tracks.”

by Dalveen Sherwood on

I have been using Emu Oil after knee replacement surgery and I find it is really good and certainly takes the pain away. I would recommend this product to anyone with joint or muscle pain.

by solgjest on
It is very helpfull indeed!

It is very helpfull indeed!
I am from Russia and live in the south, but, at the same time, very close to North Caucaus with its magnificent range – so it is very cold in the south. My Mon has some issues with her knees and she has tried various treatment. I travelled to Australia last November and told my australian friends about her problems. I got the answer as a bottle of pure emu oil from a local farm. I thought: ok – I could bring Emu oil to my Mom and see if it would help her. I went to Perth and shopped for Emu tracks – 25ml. When I got back to Russia it was December and my Mom was in pain. She used Emu tracks every day and felt better. After that I found your webpage and ordered 250 ml Emu oil and pills for her and two smaller bottles for my aunts. Mom felt better. I am ready to by her a new bottle for one liter Emu oil to help her and send warm greetings from Australia.

by Darryl on
Tried & Proven

Tried & Proven
Over many years I have endured chronic joint pain. I have used emu oil for many months and it may not be a cure all but the pain relief I get is significant enough to ensure I will continue to use it. The icing on the cake is it is a natural product.

by Valerie Donald on
Emu Oil 100ml

Emu Oil 100ml
I have only had this oil for a few days and I am amazed at how good it is. I have very painful, swollen knees. After only 3 days of massaging in the oil, I noticed the swelling has gone down and my knees feel a lot better. I will certainly keep using it. I am about to buy some for my 2 daughters

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