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Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment

“I recommend my patients to relieve their pain with Emu Tracks Products at home.”

Mark Lee

Ironman Triathlete

Muscle Recovery

“My thighs ache the most due to back to back training. For muscle recovery, Emu Oil Balm Is Very Effective!”

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Elbow Pain Treatment

“I couldn’t hold a can of hairspray. Tried Emu Oil and it was the best thing I ever did!”

What Our Customer Used

Why Our Users Love It

Prescription medicine that contains steroids, the fear of side effects, surgery and needles are painful realities for sufferers. Here’s why our customers are using Emu Tracks products and loving it!

Non Steroidal

Emu Tracks Bio-Active Emu Oil Products are fast acting & effective yet contains NO steroids. Users enjoy peace of mind using them constantly without fear of any long term side effects.

100% Natural

Emu Tracks Bio-Active Emu Oil is registered with The Therapeutic Goods Administration, Dept of Health of the Australian Govt. All products are 100% Free from petrochemicals, additives & fragrances.

Non Surgical

Needles and surgeries are painful procedures for sufferers, this is compounded by costly repeated consultations. Emu Oil Products are natural remedies, non-invasive & painless.

Cost Effective

You will be surprised how cost effective Emu Tracks Products are in giving you the relief you seek. Especially if you have tried almost everything. Best of all, It Works!

How Emu Oil Benefits You

Used for centuries by the aborigines of Australia, today Emu Oil is used by thousands around the world. Emu Tracks Bio-Active Emu Oil is scientifically proven to be a potent anti inflammatory with superior penetrating ability. This helps to deliver its benefits deep under the skin fast. It is a rich natural source of essential fatty acids, Omega 3,6,7& 9 which are necessary for good health and well being. Research shows that emu oil also provides the benefits of vitamins A,D, E & F.

Relieves Pain

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Neck, Shoulder Back
  • Muscle Aches
  • Hands,Knee,Joints
  • Sprains,Strains
  • Sports Injury,Recovery

What is Emu oil

Emu Oil is derived from the fat of Australian Emus. Historical records show that the Australian Aborigines have been using this wonderful oil for thousands of years to relieve skin problem, pains and wounds. The emu skin was hung from a tree and the fat and emu oil were extracted. Moreover, the skin was also used as a wrap on wounds and skin rash, among others. The new settlers discovered the oil and after testing the oil’s reputed properties, propagated its use. Emu Oil is a naturally rich source of Omegas 3,6 & 9, these are essential fatty acids needed for optimum health but are not produced in the human body. Emu Oil also provides our body with necessary vitamins A, D, E, & F. Emu Tracks is proud to be the choice brand of emu oil used for research in universities and hospitals. Scientists have confirmed the many medicinal properties of emu oil and it’s varied use.


Why Emu Tracks

Emu Tracks was founded on a commitment to producing the most natural range of emu oil products available, free of harsh petrochemicals, preservatives and additives. Emu Tracks is the only company in the world to produce Bio-Active Emu Oil. This is a trademarked process of rendering, refining, formulation and manufacture of products in a fully integrated facility, thereby maximising the therapeutic activity in the oil and ensuring its superior quality.


How it is Derived

Emu Oil is naturally derived from the fat of the Australian emu, a native flightless bird that resembles an ostrich. Only farm bred emus are used to produce emu oil and the birds are maintained in a free-range environment. The birds are processed in licensed facilities and all by-products including the meat, leather, feathers and eggs are utilised. As a 100% natural pure oil that is not over-processed, different batches of emu oil differ in colour (ranging from clear to milky), texture (liquid to creamy to slightly grainy) and viscosity (very liquid to slow-flowing). Emu Tracks Bio-Active Emu Oil guarantees the maximum therapeutic properties in emu oil.


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Relief from IBS I have suffered with IBS for many years and I tried everything without any relief until a friend suggested trying Emu Oil Capsules. I no longer suffer with any pain or discomfort so I’m definitely going to keep taking this wonder cure.


Natural Pain Relief in 2 Simple Steps

  • Emu Oil Balm OR Liniment
  • Emu Oil capsules

We recommend

  1. Emu Tracks Emu Oil Balm or Liniment. Massage 3-4 times daily.
  2. Emu Oil Capsules. Take 3 capsules 2-3 times a day depending on severity of pain. Thereafter, take 3 capsules a day for maintenance.

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