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by Qoo10 Reviewer on

Emu Oil Liniment  works very well, took away the back aches and neck stiffness the next day after application the night before. Ordered multiple times. 

by Qoo10 Reviewer on

Very prompt delivery. Tried the emu oil balm on my aching and stiff shoulder, relieve the pain. Like the smell very much. Mini size very convenient to carry around.

by Qoo10 Reviewer on

Received the product very quickly, the Emu Oil Balm is easy to apply and absorbs very quickly, give relief to my joint pain and stiff neck. Like the product.

by Qoo10 Review on

Bought all these products  as my physiotherapist recommended the goodness of  Emu Oil Liniment  for sore muscles and joints. Hence got even more Emu Tracks products when I personally felt the effectiveness of a few drops of  Emu Oil Liniment on the sore and affected areas. Will definitely purchase again and recommend to my friends.

by Qoo10 Review on

Thanks for the speedy delivery! Bought it for my Mum to manage her acute rheumatoid arthritis. She says it seems to help a little with less pain especially in the morning and that her arms are more mobile now. So this is my 2nd purchase...hope it helps her more

by Qoo10 Review on
Emu Oil Liniment / Balm

Tried the sample size. It worked. It did help to relieve pain on the neck and shoulder. Bought  the 100ml size. Love it

by  Grace Sim on

I use to have leg cramp pains after long walk and despite applying the traditional plasters, it don't relieve pain. Yesterday night, when I received my orders. I applied the emu oil liniment on both legs after my exercise. Today my pain reduce at least 85%. I will try other products. This oil is wonderful really.

by Jerry Yeo on
Knee Pain Treatment

“I have been suffering from TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) since 5 months ago. I was told by health professionals that painkillers and plenty of rest were ways of alleviating the joint pain and inflammation. Not wanting to depend on medication, I decided to turn to natural remedies to improve my condition. After reading through many good reviews about Emu oil and also doing further research, I decided to try out Emu oil balm and the oil capsules. After using for nearly 3 weeks, I can strongly feel the difference after I have consume and applied the Emu products. My jaw ache was less unbearable and in fact the facial muscle around it seems to be more relaxed than ever. In addition, I am also suffering from moderate acne condition and the oil capsules really aid me in recovering some of my acne scars. I now see less post acne inflammation and my skin became smoother and softer. I am a very satisfied customer of the Emu products. Strongly recommend the rest to give this a try, you will be in for more surprise!"

by Benjamin Ng on
Sore Neck Muscles

“Bio active emu oil helped with my ITB after runs. After a hard work out, it speeds up my recovery as well. Highly recommended to anyone who does sports.”

by Lina Lee on
Sore Neck Muscles

“Strained my neck from a bad sleeping posture. Applied Emu balm on my neck and the next day the soreness has reduced so much that I have regained some flexibility on my neck movement. By the second day the pain has subsided that I forgot I had it in the first place. Another pleasant experience to relate is how fast it has healed my sore leg muscles from an episode of over exercising. Normally it would take about a week for the soreness to wear off but with Emu balm, it took two days. A great natural product for fast and safe healing.”

by Tsuey Shya on

I have purchased at least 5 bottles of Bio-active Emu Oil till date. I liked that it is 100% natural with only 1 single ingredient and it can be used for many purposes. Besides the usual moisturising properties, I found it especially helpful in treating my active boys' injuries such as bruises and scrapes. Recently, I had successfully treated my elder son's swollen eyelids by using this emu oil. However, it can be better if the price is lower. As emu oil has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, I will continue to experiment with the usage of emu oil for my family.

by jkoswald50 on
using Emu oil since 2008

I have been using Emu oil since 2008 for both skin condition and as a local massage oil on sore muscles/joints. Nothing comes close to offering relief from pain and reduction of swelling and my skin feels and looks so much healthier.

by Jo-Ann Sy on
Great relief for joint pain and muscular aches

Great relief for joint pain and muscular achesWe have been using emu oil for several years and we have proven that it provides great relief for joint pain and muscular aches. It’s really a must to have one at home. I have already introduced this product to my family overseas, and they are asking if I could give them some more. My Dad has a slipped disc and his legs are always in pain and numb, but when the emu oil is massaged through his legs, the pain and numbness eventually ease.

by Thuyen on
Extremely good product

Extremely good productA friend recommended this oil to me and I use it every night for muscle and joint pains, it really does help and does its job. Now I’m back to buy more for my mum and relatives.

by Suzanne on
Wonder Oil

Wonder OilI have been using this oil for a couple of years now and it is one product I use every day. I find it keeps the pain at bay in my shoulders and back. I apply it every day as a body moisturiser, use it on my grandson when he has signs of nappy rash. It is a versatile product which everyone should have in their home. Love it!!!

by Gerard on

SatisfactionI am a very active person and was looking for something to reduce muscle soreness and reduce recovery time after my workouts. I have started using the liniment at night after intense workouts. I am really impressed with the way I have been feeling in the morning after starting to use the liniment. I have also chronic ankle injuries and I find using the liniment around the joint has helped with swelling and range of movement each day.

by Mrs Thi on
Very Good

Very GoodVery good product that I will continue using. It works very well for my sore muscles and joints. I recommend using this oil for body massage. Very worth the money

by Joan Boneri on
Best thing I’ve found for sore muscles!

Best thing I’ve found for sore muscles!I work out hard, having been an athlete for over 30 years…I’ve tried every product there is to relieve sore muscles…nothing beats Emu Oil Balm after a workout!Thanks for a great product! We order from the US, there’s nothing like it here!

by Elvina McFaul on
Reduces Pain

Reduces PainI have multiple problems with both shoulders. This emu oil combined with Muscle & Joint Balm twice a day reduces the pain from 9 / 10 to a liveable level of 3 / 10. Wonderful stuff. Am reordering for myself and two friends who are both keen to “give it a go”.

by Phuong Bui on

Multi-PurposeWas recommended by a friend who does body massages to try this oil for pain and sore joint relief and I’ve found it works so well! My daughter has tried it on her skin and she finds that her skin is very plump and moisturised the next morning. I’m back to buy another 3 bottles for my friends to try out!

by Karen on
Muscle Balm

Muscle BalmI have never enjoyed using a muscle balm as much as I have Emu Tracks. I have tennis elbow and the balm is fantastic in relieving the pain and inflammation. I am recommending this product to friends and family who I know have discomforts.

by Freda on

LinimentI started using this for severe muscle strain and torn muscle. Within 24 hours I notice great relief. Soreness subsided and walking is a lot easier. Skin is also soft and no residue on the skin. All soaked in. I am 74 years old and certainly do appreciate a good product that works.

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