Weekend & All Week Warriors | Pain Relief

Weekend & All Week Warriors | Pain Relief

You would have gotten my drift by this 3rd and final Labour Day post?

You are all warriors in your own right! You labour tirelessly and sacrificially with the aim of  providing a loving, happy home environment. Like all warriors, pain and injuries due to body blows are to be expected but EmuTracksAsia.com hopes to help you alleviate some of that.

Our 2018 Labour Day Holiday 1st post had some neck, shoulder and arm pain relief tips for the “Desk-Bound Warriors” and 2nd post pays tribute to the Ninja Mothers & Homemakers with some relaxation techniques. This 3rd and final post for the Labour Day Holiday is for the Weekend “Road/Sports” Warriors or the “All Week” long workers who do physically demanding work all day long, every day of the week.

Bodily pain due to exercise and physical activities are commonly caused by poor training or working methods, individual structural abnormalities, muscle ,tendon or ligament weaknesses and unsafe exercising or working environments. 

Overuse injuries are caused by repeated movements that causes microscopic injuries to a part of the body.

Common sports injuries are:

  • Shin splints refer to pain around the front of the shin which can come about from trekking or marching long distances
  • Achilles tendinitis is pain of the Achilles tendon, the tough sinew that attaches the calf muscle to the back of the heel bone, due to vigorous running or jumping
  • Lumbar strain is back pain caused by sudden twisting or lifting loads
  • Lateral and medial epicondylitis, is also known as backhand and forehand tennis elbow pain when you flex the wrist backward (lateral tendons) or forward (medial tendons). Besides gripping racquet in games and shocks of impact to the arm, it can come about from overusing a screwdriver or lugging heavy suitcases around.
  • Metatarsal stress fracture. The second to fourth toes are vulnerable to breakage when sprinting or running long distances, marching or gymnastics.

Pain Treatment & Prevention

  1. Rest to give body part a chance at recovery. Muscle fatigue takes about 48 hours to work itself out.
    Ice around an injury or inflamed muscle constricts blood vessels to reduce pain and swelling
    Compression &
    Elevation helps to limit swelling and fluid accumulation around injured area
  2. Use the right gear, tools or equipment
  3. Learn and Employ the right techniques
  4. Perform adequate warming up exercises, start by stretching gently
  5. Avoid muscle overuse by taking occasional breaks
  6. Stretch during regular intervals throughout working day or breaks in exercises
  7. Eat a healthy non-inflammatory diet
  8. Rotate tasks to avoid over stressing on a body part

Many amateur and professional sportsman have testified of the magical recovery from injuries and training using Emu Oil products, including Woman World Record Holder, Paula Radcliffe and NBA players.

Cease from your road pounding and back breaking toil this Labour Day for a well-deserved rest and relaxation using Emu Tracks Emu Oil Balm or Liniment. It delivers fast and effective relief to tired, worn out muscles to help you bounce back and prepares you for the next battle!

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